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May 10, 1945     The Big Timber Pioneer
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May 10, 1945

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Thursda, Ma-, 10 1945 THE BIG TIMBEB PIONEER PAGE _--_------:-------:------: .... ~- Operation in Butte Moving to Big Timber Biggest Week .yet From Was mgton - " | Mrs. Frank W. Chase took her Lt. Col. and Mrs. Wallis Hulde-~ .. Those patrlotlc hens are s t!ll_at .Oral Sanders.whocazne to La~ | I daughter Elizabeth to Butte for an koper expect to move .into Big "l.'lm- !it, feealng ~ne nation: w. ~2.~toges el to^at~enu ~ne iunera~,:ek o~ I i ~nn.-a~ ~r~*i.. st .qt J mes her this week irom me /~nerlcan oougn~ vl case~ ul egg~ ~a~ we~, UtU~.eL, ~L.~, ~pW,~ W.~ w ~ ] #"t" , " "r~ 1 1 |] ho~s~n~it'a"l"onMV~on~ta--y" ....... ranch They have purchased the paying cash for-the 2,730 dozen to Bridger creek, returnin~ this week ,, 4-, ~,,~-~ r,~ t_J'z-~ ~ I 7"6"~ ~ fq !t-- ~ -- - - " "~harles Bryan home corner M~- the amount of $819. He states he to his home in Vancouver, Wash. [ ! , I I. I "/,I-'t | I .~4 I ~rt, | [ IA.fl,l/~. [[ na_a ~rtougn ...... Leod street and Sixth avenue, and bought $3,600 worth in April. He is employed in the shipyarus. ~,J&tJ/*,J .a..~.~ v. Pv~. walvin nugnes lei~ . '. [ ~.21 tJll.J%./ll~J ~ |]~,, f~ ~'n~t nrd Calif having, are having some remodeling doneHome From Alaska Gomg Fine . . | _. I [ ~..~-,'=" ~L:~..~ ~,~, ,J~' ,~,hor~. before occupying the place, i Mr. and Mrs. Bob Polston arriv- Sweet Grass county's quota m | r~ .... r.q ~- [ ~ ~ ~,-~ lr~ ~r ~- | I ~v~r~s~R~ ~fl'ClarSl~" a~'b're'~Cn'~~ ~' On Bridger Creek I ed Saturday qight from Alaska to the cancer drive was set at $88.50. ! 1 ['l I ~ I | ~1 I ! ! I ! 19~1 ! I ~J it_ " :" " -- " " Mrs Hen,-~ Schenderline of ispend the summer with her par-Mrs. Henry Hausserman, chairman, | J.J. L4LkJ t~ ~-~xg'~l~.~-~-~J [ I Four ~ays Mome ~ft Monday Lodge" Grass~remembered in this lents,. Mr- and Mrs: W. N. Clayton,[here Friday.reported collections, o~ ~l "-" ""'-..~:'."~."P'.':" "~-""- ~n,,nfv a~ .T~'lis .Tstqrg~n ~tt~d in,on me ranch east of town. t~om Szl~ to mat sate. "lTle campalgn night for vnimae~pma a~er spena ................... - ..... r oj a A r rt in full ma | OF BIG TIMBER [ I ......... the Hen~', Hausserman and Ikelwe e employed in government radl closes tod y. epo y ...... ~ing iour says at noNe w~m me . _ -~ ...... i_.^~b ~ho ~#oted next week I I ~h~rt Cos~rfffs He is set for over uav noNes on ~rlager creek me ~-~, ...... ~-~ i t :2==U~ ~J-s~n " " !ast of the week. She was accompa- Fishing Dates Gone to Idaho " |f~~' "~.~ . " nied by her three daughters Mrs. The fishing season opens offi-I Sgt. and Mrs. Harvey Davidson, | A [l~ame an mversary ..... Betty Eichorn, Billings: Mr. and cially in Sweet Grass county on who visited here last week_with | ~_ ~ [ ] . Mr: aria Mrs. flTea r~uason, ano Mrs. Datus Chandler of Laurel, and i Sunday, May 20, and closes on No- I her parents, Mr. and Mrs. ~TanK | ~~~~ | ] aaugn~er came.sown ~rom l~v~.n~: Miss Lucille Sanders, Vancouver. vember 15. A notice of the official] W. Chase, have gone to Wallace, | "l~-s~--.~[ | t s~mn~.'a~ur-~aY,~ s~P~ ~u~n~sc~gr~" Candidate Visits l regulations affecting this county|Ida., where he will resume his work ~ ~ . I ...... ~ ....~ ~.~ w~, n,~.rt . I will be found on another page of ] with the federal bureau of roads. | v | The ladies are sis~.ers, uom.couples w~:,'i~,,'~-:~,ri-e~v~n~l~--,i~: {this issue, giving prohibited areas| Sgt. Davidson was given a medical [ t se!ve~. mexr we-~^ ~,'~;''~*~-i~:,~%~o-~,, o~ ~o w~- I as wen as permissible streams. Save ] discharge from the army at Sioux "' ......."'-'-- -- - cam"ai-nin" en route to Billinas I ll~ IOr ~u~ure rmvrenc. , ~xby, ~owa. ......... I I chers and the 15th for me nuasons., v s ..s ....... 7, ~ - I Cavital ...................................... ~lUU,tX~u.u~ i 1 ........ for a meeung. ~en. u:e,vTar~ Is me| _ t ................ - ...... l C-m"....... republican candidate mr congress-~ | Surplus ................................. 40,~. i l ................ man to succeed the late James F. [ , i ---~---- ! I sown irom ~lVlngs~on ~unaay ~,,~ .....t,~ ,,,, l-troduced ~"-,,* ~ " [ night and Monday vis~tmg fr ends. t,~- hv .~- r.~nn ~. Olmstead and TJ. II_ _ a. _ L - .... -1 ! I Gene went to Helena on Tuesday Ross Williams. ] forachecku-atVeteranshos-oital . It Ila tu ue UUUo I D. Claiborn. President |1 He is employ~ed with the cons~c'" Neighbony ae~, ............. I [] ~" ' ~ " hen ~oulaer vaney nexgnvors aria , . t tion company building t ew . [ Chas ~. Mc" ~I)o-nneU', Vice-President ~ shops for the Northern Pacific and other friends of Mr. and .Mrs. Bob[ If we hope to contmue to merit your I E. L. FranK, Assistant Cashier []says they will not be completed Elgas gatherea at McLeoa ~a~ur-t m E.L. FranK, Assis ||before Ju'lv day evening to shower them wtthl urH! nl -~,~ n ~ -" hm,~h~Id ~ifts to renlace their loss I ~vvu ,, -~ ~-,~ t-,~=-'~'~9 "" "" ~"-" "" | I Welcomin.g Party ..... by-fire t-h~ week b~fore. Boulder[ .... . .._ ~.. ~1 Mr ana Mrs joe Marries, WhO j DIR~I%B , ...~ "~. ....... =+~, ~,,,~ .,~o++~o ,,, Valley Womans club issued the in- [ that we must SuppIy you w]~n quaIIIy ! ........ | ~":'~': ...... ~.'?:~ "'-"-"~..~ ...... .~Y vitation and furnished coffee for l [] | A. Ronald McDonnell Elmer Arneson i :,taz.e. charge OI meMames ra.ncn Lhe potluck lunch Mr and Mrs...... -..~, a | n e.~i~ Carl Bue Ralnh L Dubs ! i on ~ne east slue oI town, were given ~,, T~o~an a,~d"~morv Jones l Sa ~t=~=aa~=~ unat al~V~ u ~aFla~ ~ a welcommg party Saturday eve- J [ ~" "D."J.'Walvoord ......Chas. McDonnell | ,,,~, at,~,,, ~n ,~o,,~ o,,~ ,-,,~. gave their music for dancing. Be:, i sides numerous gifts, a put$'~ 1 twes gathered at thew home, brmg- ~ ..... +,~h,,,o~ r,,, ,h~ ~,~t~ [ .... ~[ing lunch and spendin a social New Ran';erHere" ...........[ .T r 'V D.rv.rT a - ..... i i J evening. A cash gift was present-_. ~g ....... I ~ l~ # ff 1 lffUl~ JP ~O~Jl~ ~ U 1 11~ ~t~ Ill Uu~ Deposits in this bank are insured by the Federal ~1 ed the Mathes. in~l~nan~s~%rme~ r~ngerfw~ ~n~e - . ---- [] De,o ,t co, ra,on och ..... u ..ur ,n I fnenmy tore... Remember, every ,r- I | " | t. roy narr!s re|;urnea .._~nis week day with his fa~nily seeking living I -o . ., ~-~ . T~ ~ ,~. ]I ~rmn~l~fnramgraachm, n~ w~i~hm~igs quarters. They will take the Chris-I tlcIe you ouy In me uavls rooa ~tore ,:, ................. tine Green apartment for me sum- [ wlie WhO IS ~eacnm~ a~ ,~rm~eau, -'or Mrs "--oo,, o,,d ~hirle- -fan- ' . . _ , . .. ,. ,. m ,, t inrBt ave head ntYre ieYi nlng to le ve' at l 'eend oi's hoollIS guaranteed to give you sat]stacuon, i n {I ~ I Ip . . - _ . g_at,,for Kennewlck, Wash where Mr. I LOCAL NEWS ranch six mires wes "x vm ' nAVlg CRfl . .R I " r v Green Is employed. So far no office ] Bridges on the Big Hole i er. Roy e for he quarters have been secur d t I trucked a load of horses there yes- in he O 51 ............. ranger, Mr. Roemer stat g I Ph ne I ~"~O--'LI~I! ~" I[~eraay. l:le Wlll go mto nerelora would carry on from the Boulderl ~amwa~ ~.~&avv.,-,,a.~ cattle raising -- .' ... station for the present. I 1 I More ~ouvenirs A"ri' ~ut'-'~--'- ) A Boy v ......... , -- From Lewmtown , . . I ........ I Mrs. J. G. McComas was showing ,rmo follo~'ina n~m~ w~re added I CI de Freuricg~son t~orn may 9, to Raymona anu m i ........ o .......... - Mr. and Mrs. y In town Saturday so e th rigs sent , [ L wrence . to The Pioneers subscription list and two children drove ore.r .from[Helen Boggs Hoem, a son,,_~_w __ t from Germany by their son, T-4 durin- A-rir Bi- Tlmber--Ed Sell ' I NJrlpwD , ew townon Sunday m visl msl oger, a: their ranch none Un}Roy McComas. She had a German L L vi~ ~Lr~ Tr]elm-patterson'{ ~other, Mrs. Carl Frednckson, re-l weet ~rass. I rifle, three vases made from empty ~ ~'~,.,'~'.~ "n~ M~tth~,.~ r.h,rl~ t I ~urning Tuesday. Gone to Mayos [ brass shells a pack of cigarettes ...... "'Y"e" .......... i' l~*--el 1 | i ht ' , Hileman, J try McOorm c, M - ) l~ar~r, nnin~ Mrs. Slvert Breck left last n g I one of tobacco, an da heavy lea th- v~ll~- 9am T.ah~v W~d P~Int" .T~hn [ A Little Nonsense Now and Then Is Relished by the Best of Men. E AliceRBur~ daughter of Mrs. [for Rochester, Minn., to en~erler belt with silver buckle. Mrs. G. A"'T.~v~'-~': T~"~k~'-"] ' Christina B~: and Lloyd Ron- Mayos hospital for a possible op- W Cook has received from her son ........... = ................... - .., . g., . . __ . I ..... n I.." ............ ~estad, Butte, James T. Duffey, t A clerk was helping an old I Sandpaper, all grits, 2 sheets 5c ! amg, son oI .Mrs. ~.nton r~_ nnmg, t erauo .. /o~US lav~s.ermaz~a~lanKeL two pa.~[s Portland, Ore.; Mrs. J. H. Schroe-l Negro fill out application papers ]Crack Filler, per pkg ............... 10e [] i: were married in thIS m~y MonqaylFrom" Portland ...... I o g f: .. g s. aISn aria qm~ der, Los Angeles, Calif.;Betty[ for a civil service J,,anltor Job. I Brush Cleaners ........... 10c and 5c uy Justice of the veace J D nouy M~lcolm ~oosey Jr wm~ea here a Gag o shyer coins ,, " [ ........ -.. . ] Schaellkopf, Buffalo, N. Y.; T-5~ Do you belong, asked the|Gold Seal Wax 59c pt.--98c qt. !i -or o ~esaay warn ~ne vaui Lamp iam Changes at Court House Arthur C Ward Pvt Kenneth " Examinati n - l clerk to a party that wants to Clothes Hooks, per dos only 25c ] ' " - " ~'~rsonnel at the Skaarland"Pvt I~or hild He dal vern ~i ! Mr. and Mrs. Joe Scyp I . : ........ I . . ~ ,w~ . .. , g g , toverthrow the go merit? hers came fly He is employed m the Portland A shiftm m ', ov du Saturda so smpyarus ana naa come to ,.ivmg court house Is ~em mace znISin service ~ ' ' " . er from Roun p Y [ ...... - [ . " _ . " g ' " . * ' Yasm, said the Negro. I Little Jennie,saw a Dachshund. t~ ooe couldgo to Butte. for physical, ston to visl~ his parents.]week. ~,iIlian ve~erson .takes the ...~.D^~" ~-..,..~.. .... ~i "Which one~''. asked the. clerk., "Oh., . mother., ' she exclaimed, m examination for serwce with the I Thom!vsons Here I place ofDorrene Schulz In theof-Legion Auxiliary sponsored a I "The Nazi government," was l"this m the kind of dog the man group sent there Tuesday. ] S-Sgt. and Mrs. A. G. Thompson[~ice o~ uoun~.y Agen~ oerszos. ~o.r- uoDpy poster contest in the grade! the reply, l on the radio sang about." Dust ~loud I are here from Hamilton Field, Cal.,[ rene is oreaKing in in the ofzice s'chools a~ain this year Mrs Ted I [ "On the radio?" ^ Dus~said to have come from the I~ visit their parents, Mr. and Mrs. of Clerk and Recorder D!ck Arm- ~ Busha Elsa Elgas and Selmer i We're with you, old boy, now 1 "Yes--he said 'get along little ~=anadian wheat fields settled over l~wen ThOmpson an~u~tri ~e~ lr~t~.] ~rong ~o %~tce~Oaet~r~te~rliClan~sn~o H: Solberg judging the entries last l that V-E day is here. We may idoggie." this area Sunday obscuring the [ ~. W. Luttscnwage ," .[ . . , P.... . _ . P~ . , week. In the fifth and sixth grade I have less sugar, fats or even ] i SUn and giving us a cold day. ItdidlPlay Was Good ,, ]]n~n rne~ionmUSVnanw~iaen~a~ ~nYl~er, igroup winners were Vern Mack, i clothes, but we can get alongl For that roof, don't overlook 1 not clear until a light snow fell| Sally Sallies Forth, play given/ . y .... ,.. s a I De ilst; Edward Mika, 2nd, and Oer-I without them since summer is tour life-long Heavy Butt green n t ~ h school returne~ to the ~a~es trude Stene 3rd Seventh and comm But we still need screens color snmgm Only $8 95 per sq hat night. I bv seniors of the h'g ' "~ " ~ ' " 1 "g" " . . 1 " . . In Billings Hospital I I"hursday and Friday nights under{ Sgt. Jones Home t eighth grade winners were DonnaIto keep the flies aria gna~s out. i Covers 100 sq: reet. Mr. and Mrs Nils T. Petersen the direct!on of Margaret Webb.[ S~t. K. C= Jones arrive.d:_th!s Mart, lst; Barney Berland: 2nd;. Get.the screens now: We have a I_.. -- e ~ le Went to Billings Friday the latter t drew toGa sizes auqmnces, aug I week mr. a mriougn visl~ w~m hIS ! Margaret Wagner, ~ra, and ~onalcl [ tOGa STOCK 0~ StoCK smes. I "n~eon ~re n ~ mg s--- .... [] remaining for ~ checkup' at St Vin- pleased everybody, mvermmsmn morner, mrs. Jessie Jones. ne was i Coughin rated honorable mention. I I per square ................................ ~.vo cent,~ hnCnlt~] .~h~ had an ouera- [ specialties livened the program. I in the Pacific campaign three t Mrs. Ralph Langston announced I SHELL BRANDING PAD~--- t -- . . tion ~..~. m,~in~ and is d0in~[~lnthlnw Ann Packed I vears last February, wearing serv- the winners and presented the colors, green, blue, red and] We have brick, lime, p~as~r, [] ~ce~" ................... I"'~,]l-'t-'l~e o'---ld clothing and shoes l ice stri~es and .two stars for corn-Icash prizes at school this week. ] black. Semi gloss enamel, per lwh[te cement, chimneytlle, to , ."" I ~o+horo~ ~,, +h, united national I bat on New Guinea. He has a high I a~,, e,,a, ~,,,~ I qt.--$1.10; Sanl Fiat PamL per I mage a cnmaney a saxe cnunney. ~on ................. I c lot'hin dr'ive"which ended A~rill regard for the Australian 15eople, l"~S~v~ee~t~-Sra'~s"h'~l~h school band t qt.--89c. Muresco, full 5-lb. pkg. l Costs so little. Besides, your > ._Mr.. aria mrs. ~; u=.l-luy~r n~ve ] ~n ho~,~ l~,~, cn~t~l ana ~C~'ecl [ their treatment of the Americans I w~ hnnnr~rl rpa~ntlv hv r~e~|vin~, [ --~5C 2 pkgs will do a room and I home needs this precaution [] ~e~e.~ wora m rtn oi a so_=.n2 ]ac~or~n..--~--C~l~.~qlman,~-c~aair-,i being 100 per cent good. Australia ] from'-~'-l~-A]~ev-"l~~ c~m~iifoh~.l not rub off." I when you build a chimney. ~ ay to er , to Mr. an a Mrs. l -" " ]fed the American arm for a con-[,-Sa_lu " " " " d f0r_'J I{ k3foocxwv n e wreasmhe'mg pr ere, manh~rthe~Ll~?l C~Ueb 1 s er le t n:ne, and ome o were i pana.t~s tBherChd~rfec~rrange.,ne.yj Meadquarters for Benjamin Moore & Co. Pure 100% Quality Paints :; aa ~ra Hu,,ser MitcheU ) a Butte warehouse soon. ~ ,,~.~:.~,, ~ ....... ,_, ....... ~. } nave not had time to ~ry it ou~ ye~. I ~ ----- --- Howard Zeleny Here ~'" t Good Sale [Fisnin~ Licenses ,ere I That his letter states he has a l [] ek Bidding" was good at the Sam Fishing and hunting licenses music publishing house in Wiscon- o Howard Zeleny is .home thiswe IStrand sale Tuesday Auctioneerlwere received in Bi~ Timber lastlsin Rapids, Wis., and that he livedl Uliman Lumber Company, Inc. | ~ ~-u~n leave m .visithISze~ n paren~S,~owara.~v~_.: I ~~'is ,,,~o,~, ,,~n~,, Clerk Dorman Kell~l night ..... by dealers and are now on here from 1917 through 1920, play- I m..~ ~,~,_, ...... M~,t i~one 155 i Mrs Anton e y . . . . . . t .^..^.~ a ..... ,~ o-rin- calf sold / sale. A new law provides that rem- I inK at the theatre and for dances, " .... i | motor mecnanm secona class, w, ov e e m n n w " ~,~ .......11 t,,,o+~ ~, +h ..... +,. I for 167 and a small tractor for~ d nt servic e a d omen on [and fishing in the Boulder. We re- / :' ~acific He we'~ars acomi~at'staron {ceiling price. Some machinery did[ furlough may secure a permit to~ member. Akey as the amiable and [ ] - -- i~ --"" - not d" so well a cultivator and two I nun ana nsn tree ol charge. They ! accomplISnea musmmn a~ ~ne ~r- I , - ms sermce s~rlpeS v , -~ [~a ~rills being, in no demand |must present their furlough papers] code theatre when it was run by ii | ~oyed It [ Wnw~wr th~ t~tal exceeded ex- I to license dealers who are author- | Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Howard. [ ~, W d a ................. ,.._ omans club. members an I pectations I lzed. to issue the permits..Non-resi- | Annual Banquet [ ~ 1 /. ~umver o: guesm .enjoyea a. pro7 [ ,~..,..~., ~=. .... I den~ servicemen on zunougn are! The mother-daughter banquet l ! iv ~lt ~ ~ram after the ousmess meeung at -, ............ entitled to rmits b a n the th A note from the O L Thompsons pe Y p yi g given at Parish hall Thursday . ,~.ellbrary..Mo.n.daynight--Mr_s.J=F-[^, ~ r..., ...... +~.~= ~.~,.~..,..,]regular resident )icense fee andtnight bv the Lutheran Ladies Aid/ L~ J) lllAll~l~l~ll~ t ~arK lla mvir~ct Mrs II t~ UOl- u~ r~cu ~.~u~ ~.~yo ~,~$ ,~ .~**..~ a presenting their furlough papers r ~r of Bozeman to e~ibit her col-[today for Alexandria. La., to visit[ .... [p oved. a. po.p.u]ar entertainment,/ .-~S~ lll=.l l-II_ l. ! lm, H,.. ^, ~.+ .... ~ ~,oo~.. ~ho I their son Lt BOb Thompson be- I uour~ o~ honor I covers vemg laxa mr ~v. An excel- / /~ ~ nl u nl 1--11"lU. ! ii i bm,,~+ ~ ;,,o ~,,, , ~,,~ .... / fore he leaves for overseas duty. I Five local Boy Scouts ecei ] lent menu was served at 7 o clock. / ~" f 1][dL . | -"-~" ............. ~'~ ..... d e ourt Mr ana,, s ...... .............. ;"+ .... +;""e ...... +~ ,,|Mrs. Bob, the former Betty Gott-]their 2nd class ba IAvin g s at a c Fri I s. Beulah Patterson was toast-/ ~/ , t , ~l both o,,~.~-+o | lob will return to Montana with l of honor held in gston -]mistress, welcoming the guests and] ~n mE~ lmma | )-~--- ""/~--~." | them Another son, Lt Jerry, has] day night. Judge B. E. Berg pre-Isueaking in behalf of mothers. ] ~ .... . ~- i. I[~l lll | !~: i ........... f|been "awarded the air"medal for{sided and Glen Prather, Scout ex-~Veda Bryan gave the response for] Ill l|ll~lll~%N lllN | ~.Most o~ us unaerstanq ~.nat. ~ I bombings in the Pacific l ecutive of Yellowstone valley coun-!the daughters. Dean Harrison of] ~l~l~,A] V ~l | ~ ~,e .want money we .m.ust mg xor| ...... . I cil and Paul K. D. Dudley, district [Bozeman State college was the/ "~11~l~ II ~ ou.~ zew o~ us logK m our gar-|~ae~enn, a~ may.os -- __ I scout executive, were present. The{featured speaker. A program of l . ....... | :;:~: ~xns for. me.real coin o~ me reach. | .~xg.'~noerflnenus yes_~eraay, ye- / Scouts given awards were Gaylord [ music, both vocal and instrumental, [ lilr = ~l~ n II~ n II ! .. :_s., spading a new| cmvea a c ara ,xrom ,J..~. hac~en| Wheeler' Robert Wagner, Raymond[from the high school, and a read- lll I :M P I!/ ! ~_ruen pao~ a~ ner Melvme nome, I saying ne nas in Ivl~yos nos- [ McArthur, Bob McDonald and Jacz I ing and skit by O0yS Irom the grade ~ 1~ ~ l h n l~ I ~11 ~upg t..nrougn empty oeer cans, rot7 | p.xtal tor z~_oays..~.cnest conges= / Haas. They were accompanied by ] school delighted the guests.I la I, aot~ms' tin cans, norse ,snes ana wnat I tlon tOllOWea a gallneemaaaered opera-|ll Mr ..... and Mrs W W McArthur, Mr ~ m...~.~ .,'- ...... i ml t __ , remarking she d found every-| tion and he has d about a |and Mrs A C McDonald Clarence t v.^ ,, ............... Illl ...... --A..=.., T thing but money then turned upJ the hospital had to gi e in the way, Lofts~aarden and Clive Haas t ............... Illl ll I n|| r | a shiny 1890 silver dollar. She of medicine and s ecial attention. th|n~ t+ ~.~e.o.+ .... '~ .... d.r~]Mr|~. i ~ere with him [At Church Meet lurday to bring back his mother, |Ill nltlllll l | W~ "~ ~'"# ....... ~" ...... 1 ~,=;, ~=='~',,~ n~,. ,v~m~,- .~'1 Mrs. Dorman Kellogg, Mrs. Mar- I Mrs. Anna L. Decker, who had been I~i~ ~ u m ~ m m m~ ~ v-- | ~, "" |+t.'"~ ,,"~,,~,~?~ ~.+~i~ ........ I garet Bray and Mrs. Otto Sippel hospitalized In Dishman, Wash., ~~/~ | ;n ~I..Teacher / ........ [~. .... "~"*~ ~" ] were in Llvings~n Tuesday to rep- | the past two months..She has been f'~ll~/&~ ..__ ~ : .._mgn scnool boys and girls of the / Maxpie aaoney n.eaay .... IresentSt. MarksEpiscopalchurcnlvmceaunaeraaoctorscarem t&'?'_-- ll llr ll. ! iiI I .w~-4-27 period who took CONNer-| Magpie hunters are remmaea ~Yl at the 42rid annual convention of |Bozeman. While in Spokane Ira - _ _ .,..~, ,,m | C lal work under Miss Jesslca L.|the Rod and Gun club that pay- the Montana diocese. Bishop H. H. |visited Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Curtis ~l_.ltm------- "-~ | ~venson will give her credit for| merits for their birds will be maae[ Danieis presided over the meeting, land Lloyd Stokes. all sending their~ _ .................. toe honors earned by Kent, Wash.,| if they will call at their checking I and the Rev. William C. Campbell, I regards to home folks. He also vis-! U A n ~[~ Ir~ u II n l{ n r r n l jqlt | ~llgll SChOOl bookkeeping class, | station. The new contest, whichlnatlonal director of men's organi-lited the Bert Bryans, who have II hUl lllhl-imr'm" niR t ilL tlhiCh placed first in an Interna=/opened May 1 and will continuel zations, was the principal speaker. } three sons in service: Archie, who uwn wvm~lwmm~m~ l~llll ~ [ ,Onal contest sponsored by The{through this month, offers a cash] All his friends were grieved by an-ispent a considerable time overseas ! I ~ ,~uslness Education World. More[ prize for the high scorer and 5cl nouncement of Bishop Daniels that{but now is stationed in Nebraska;A n P I lm ~r' n l n ~l'A m~ | :ll Lnan 5,000 students throughout the/a head for feathered birds, 3c for la growth on his vocal cords com-}Gene, in the Philippines. and Lynn, =-l~ P ill m _~P ~lllll~ llllll~ [ united States and Canada were en-|immature birds and lc each fori pels him to take a leave from his~ who has been with Gem Patton V lllmnlWl Vlm ln ilnlvml | : feted in the competition. The class/eggs. They may be turned In at duties to give his throat a real rest, I In Germany. ' | receives a cash award and will be[ Gamble store, Cole Drug, Barley without even s p e a k i n g for six t a.-~ .... n ..... . ......... t xeat e Hardware J Mel e ,,~...,~.~. ~.u~ Pont let a worn~ut, memcaent separator fe~uce your crop :~::::l ured in the next issue of th / , ohnson Store at - months. He int rids soon to enter i ............. , | nuger cree mm gamereu SPonsor's magazine. We are indebt-| ville, McLeod store or the Grey a monastery where the desired se- I+~o a,,+^,, ~r .... ~,~,,,~ ~,~,, e,r of ~eam.' If you do, you're losing out on a big dividend from ~ ~,~:* | ed to Mrs. J. W. Church of Seattle| Cliff store, cluslon can be secured. I ~".~,_'/~.'~'*..~'.'2~.."~.2~..':/~_"~.#o'..~..' your her& | :~ ~:' r the item from the Kent News ou al -I Must ._a,e . Mrs. S ons, n ]Pn van Krone, home on fur- M Co,m -D og | 8 ...." ..... | Art .oow, enmrma.n of the local _ MrS. Lulu Slmonsen, 65, wife of llough from Camp Roberts, Calif., increase your cream checks, h's just like adding an extra cow ~ I neu ~taUon ~ola I war price aria ra~lonmg Doara, caus Lee Simonsen, Well Known to all t ana t~pl. uscar toKen, son o~ mrs. to your herd-and extra cash to your farm income. | : >; ,~Transfer of ownership was made lattention to a recent meat control stockmen of this vicinity, died yes-IP. ElLen, home from Bartow, Fla. . ................ I week of the Shell station at ~ order which regu the slaugh- terday afternoon in a Billings hos- I There were about 45 people there moae~ ~ t~rearn ~eparators are now avanao~e w~m mrect motor ~ , ._ eman purchased the property I beginnmg May ~ no mass 3 ver Jan. 6, 1880, she came to Mort= / en~ were Mr. and Mrs. Louis Krone teaded bearin~ sunrmrt which holds the drive gear shaft in nositlon, g ' omlr parents, ........ o .... o "-- . * Frank Friauf and F. S. and{slaughterer (farmmaughterer) tana with her Mr. and{and children, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred ors older than 1 n | :!~ pm e A. Frankovic, all of Billings,|may sell or transfer meat result- Mrs. Edward Suydam, at the age|Ostrum and children, Mr. and Mrs. ~vxc~orm~cx-ueenng ~epa.rat . rogue ca .at~| ~nd it will be leased by Mr. Emry s [ inK from his slaughter or from of 10, living at Castle eight years. / O. P. Terland and Olando, Mr. and be equipped with belt orive attachments. ~ : ~ther, R. C. Embry of Bozeman. | slaughter from him of such live- She lived at Fromberg until her|Mrs. Irvin Miller and children, Mr.See us for complete information on these time and labor my- | e station will handle H u s k Y/stock, unless he has been granted marriage to Lee Simonsen Aug. 13, ~and Mrs. John McClurg, Rev. andin~ units ~ Products and work will be started| a permit and quota under the pro- 1912. They had lived at Absarokee, | Mrs. Preston Sanders and children. ~ " SOon in re=paintin~ and decorat-[visions of this order. Permits are overated the Padlock ranch near{Mr, and Mrs. Jak~ Osterhout and ............. rag. The Embrys have rented thel to be applied for at the local board Thermopolis for 17 years, then a/children, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Haus- ~ l[]lllKg PflM I l~an Lowry house corner Ander-[office. Anyone having slaughtered ranch near Riverton, Wyo., return-|serman, Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Lay ll'lll-[- 1 | Son and Seventh. 2"hey have a son | more than 6,000 pounds of live- ink to Billings seven years ago. | and Mrs. I. J. Lay. Mrs. E. M. Kerr . . | m the rmy In Germany and a| stock during 1944 is a class 2 Simonsen is one of the lessees oft arid daughters, Mrs. Otto Lovscth , RlW Timber- Montana I - hterer ,and will a 1 to the h h = ~ ~s) ~au__ghter, a nurse, in Corpus Chris | slaug pp Y t e Northern otel. Funeral serv | and children, Ben Myrstol, Mrs. P. | o" Texas. Mr. Embry served as chief[ district OPA office in Helena for ices and burial will be in Billings | ElLen and Cpl. Oscar E gen, Her- | police at Bozeman for nine years. / a permit. Saturday afternoon. I man Hatmserman and sons. ql, %